Wholesale Baby Teething Necklaces

What baby teething necklaces are available and how to buy them wholesale.

We have many types of baby teething necklaces available.

You may buy them wholesale through our wholesale buyers place. The prices are very good. Go to the Wholesale Store

You may also buy them retail in our online shop at this link.

In this page, however, we will focus on the products that we have found to move most quickly.

And those products are the baby teething necklace sets which include an adult necklace, child necklace and an anklet/ bracelet.

These sets come in matched colors and bead forms.

baby teething necklace butterscotch white
Butterscothc White
lemon colored baby teething necklace
light cognac colored baby teething necklace
Light cognac
Cognac Colored Baby Teething Necklace
cherry colored baby teething necklace
multi colored baby teething necklace

You may order individual pieces of the sets or the entire sets.

As a seller, you will find, however, that there are advantages to stocking complete sets.

As far as your website goes, you can offer your customers options. They can buy a complete set, single pieces, or other combinations

Doing this increases your sales because it tends to keep people looking longer and they tend to buy more when they have choices.

We have found that the adult necklaces are particularly popular. So even if you do not order the complete sets, order adult necklaces.

And then as far as your inventory goes, once you buy an initial stocking inventory of sets, all that you have to do is reorder those pieces of any sets that are selling well for you.


Another product line that sells very well, are teething necklaces made with the burnished Baroque beads.

Burnished bead necklaces sell very well. And you would be well advised to add some of these to your website.

At the present time we are offering the most popular product and that is a multicolored burnished bead baby teething necklace. We will be adding the adult necklace in the near future.

The minimum order for wholesale prices is 12 pieces and within that 12 pieces you must order at least three of any one piece.

Orders for less than 100 pieces are priced by the piece.

Orders for 100 pieces and more are priced by the gram. You can also request that they be priced by the piece, but you will find that it is more economical to buy by the gram.

If you have a particular interest in Baby Teething Necklaces or special requirements, you can contact us for help.

And if you have any questions or need further information, contact us.

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