White Amber Necklace 1949

About Natural Baltic Amber White Amber Necklace Design 1949.

This necklace design is made of polished white amber stones. White amber is very difficult to get and very difficult to work. So when you get a necklace like this you are getting something that’s rather unique.

white amber necklace

This natural white amber necklace is classified as Natural Baltic Amber.  Please see Classification of Amber Gemstones. It comes with a photo certificate of authenticity.

The stones are individually chosen and hand polished white amber stones.  They are color and size matched to make an absolutely remarkable necklace.

Due the the difficulty in getting sufficient quantities of white amber for all our needs, this necklace design is available on a special order basis.

If you are interested in such a necklaces, or would like other information, contact us using the form below.

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