Sell My Amber

Where and how to sell your amber.

Try selling it to a local jeweler, gift shop, flea market seller or some other local venue.  If they will not buy it, consider making a consignment agreement with them.

If you cannot work a deal there, you are left with eBay as the place to sell your amber or jewelry.

What is the value of your amber or jewelry?  Simple stated, whatever people will pay for it.

Let me explain.

Assume that you wanted to sell your amber to me. What questions would I ask?

First I would ask for a full description of the physical piece of your amber or jewelry. Multiple pictures. Weight. Diameters. Trademarks. Other marks.

Then I would ask:

What type Amber is it? Read About Amber Types

How do you know that?

Do you have a certificate of authenticity?

Where did you get it?

If the initial line of questions spark some interest on my part, I will say I will consider it if you send it to the International Amber Association, Gdansk Poland to have them run an IRS test and  certify that it is succinite.

If certified Baltic Amber, then we can talk price.

Why the test?

Amber fraud is rampant. Amber imitations are all over the place. To buy amber without certification or complete knowledge of the reputation of the seller is simply a nonstarter. Read Amber Imitations

Others may not be as demanding, but these questions should give you a feel for what information you should provide to get the best price for your jewelry.

There is much more information about amber in the Amber Book Library. You may want to read some of them so that you have an understanding about Baltic Amber . With that understanding you will be better able to sell your jewelry.

I hope that this helps. If you have comments or questions, contact us. But please note that we neither appraise nor estimate the value of amber or jewelry. The value is what people will pay for it.


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