Screw Clasps And Pop Clasps Compared

About teething necklace screw clasps and pop clasps.

The basic distinction between a screw clasp and a pop clasp is that the pop clasp will automatically open under a defined tension.

The screw clasp attaches the two ends of a teething necklace and you will not open without someone making a definite effort to hold both pieces of the screw clasp and unscrew the fastener.

These are often called safety screw clasps. They are safety in the sense that the necklace will not fall off the child.

But they represent a choke hazard.

To the right you see an image of a screw clasp and one of a pop clasp.

Screw Clasp
screw clasp

Pop Clasp

pop clasp teething necklace

A pop clasp was developed in response to European Union requirements that a clasp open automatically under a tension of 27 newtons. Automatic opening of the clasp significantly reduces the choke hazard that exists with the typical teething necklace.

The European Union goes one step further and requires that the string be very strong and not break before it is subjected to a tension of 90 newtons.

The sale of teething necklaces in Europe is regulated by laws within the European Union that require a pop clasp.

Regardless of the type clasp used on a necklace, all the warnings applicable to a baby teething necklace apply.

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