Raw Baby Teething Necklace Beads

About raw amber baby teething necklace beads.

There is no such thing.

Raw amber is amber as it comes from the mine or sea.  It is unprocessed other than for washing.

These pictures show larger raw amber stones and raw amber chips. Chips are normally processed to make craft and baby teething necklace beads. Stones make chips when processed for jewelry.

raw amber 2 to 5raw amber chips

A bead is made by mechanically processing or tumbling raw amber.  Once it has been so processed it is no longer raw.  How it is processed determines how it is classified. See how amber is classified.

Some sellers misrepresent burnished amber beads such as these as raw amber.  They are beads –  mechanically processed raw amber chips.  They are not raw amber.burnished amber

Baby teething necklace beads start as raw amber and are mechanically processed into burnished or polished beads.

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