Polished Amber Stones

Jewelers use these polished amber stones to make some of the most beautiful amber jewelry made in Poland.

Because of the expense of processing raw amber to make it useful to make jewelry, jewelers by polished stones such as these. By doing that they do not have to invest in the equipment and specially trained labor necessary to process raw amber so that it can be used to make jewelry.

If you make your own jewelry, or want to, these stones are good choice.

They are also used by medical practitioners for Amber massage. You can read about that practice in our section on Amber Therapeutics.
amber bead necklace

Here is an image of a typical amber necklace made with the stones. You can see many more examples by clicking on amber bead necklace.

polished amber stone 4polished amber stone 3polished amber stone 2
polished amber stone 1baltic amber stone 6baltic amber stone 5
baltic amber stone 4baltic amber stone 3baltic amber stone 2

These sell very well in mineral and bead shops, gift shops, and in tourist areas. A box of stones is put out and people dig through them. When they do that, there is a high probability of the buying some.

If you wish to buy one or two stones, you can buy them at this link. PolandsBest Amber Store

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