Polished Amber For Sale

The polished Baltic Amber in this page is for sale wholesale and retail.

These polished Baltic Amber stones are best for making jewelry. They have advantages over raw amber in that they are already sorted, clarified and polished.
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They are genuine Baltic Amber. There are varying shades of amber color from which you can choose.

There are benefits to using polished Baltic Amber stones such as these. They are clear, easy to use, without impurities, and cost-efficient. You do not need polishing equipment, autoclaves, or any other equipment necessary to make raw amber ready to use.

These are also an ideal addition to the offering of a gem shop or other off-line store where people are likely to buy small amber stones for gifts.

The polished Baltic Amber stones shown here are available wholesale. If you are interested in wholesale pricing, contact us using the form below.

If you wish to buy some individual stones, you can buy them by the piece at PolandsBest Amber store. Click here to go to the Amber store.

If you have a comment, or would like other information, contact us using the form below.

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