Improved Baltic Amber

About Improved Baltic Amber for jewelry making.

Pictured are Baltic Amber stones ready to be used to make jewelry. These are typical of the stones used by many jewelers who buy these instead of raw Amber.

Baltic Amber Stone 1

Baltic Amber Stone 2

Baltic Amber Stone 3

Baltic Amber Stone 4

Baltic Amber Stone 5

Baltic Amber Stone 6

Most raw Amber is not suitable for making jewelry. It contains too many impurities – dirt, tree bark and more.

This is nothing new. For centuries, Ambermen have been making raw amber useful by roasting it in sand, oil and, of late, by autoclave processing.

Processing amber this way creates what is called improved amber.

It is genuine, pure, Baltic Amber. (For those interested in the medicinal properties of Amber, the processing does not affect those properties.)

Note that many, if not most, jewelers do not buy raw amber and involve themselves in preparing it to be used. It takes too much time, too much equipment,  too much labor and too much space.

They want to spend their time making jewelry . It is cost-effective an better for them to buy bulk lots of amber like this.

Stones like this are also sold in the tourist areas, gift shops bead shops and mineral and stone shops. They are fast moving items.

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