How To Sell Amber

How To Make The Most Money Selling Amber

If you are interested in selling amber or jewelry that you have, please go here.

If you are interested in selling amber as a business venture, read on.

There are three basic ways to sell Amber.

You can sell Amber retail off-line, wholesale off-line, or online.


If you are near a tourist area where you can display amber on a tourist path, the sales possibilities a high.

Using Poland as an example, these two videos show how small business owners do very well for themselves.


The inventory held by these small business owners includes, but is not limited to, amber chip necklaces, pendants, polished amber gemstones and earrings.

Depending on the demographics of the tourists, they add Buddhist and/or Islamic prayer beads, large bead bracelets and various other bracelets.

They charge premium prices. We have noted some twice normal retail.

The second, and less time intensive, way to sell is to satisfy the needs of other businesses. You become an Amber Distributor. (See Amber Distributor)

What is the need for this business?

Many, if not most, jewelry store, gift shop owners and the like are reluctant to import amber. Their concerns include being sold amber imitations and quality. Plus they don’t want to get involved in importing.

So you provide a solution. You import. You put in front them samples. They order from your samples.

You can start by presenting your samples from a briefcase.

As you grow, fill that briefcase with inventory from which they can choose and buy on the spot. And they can, of course, order more.

And you can grow beyond that. One Polish manufacturer walks around the tourist areas of Warsaw with a large suitcase filled with amber jewelry.

He goes from shop to shop and sells most of his inventory in a day.

His customers know him and will call to request you bring certain items on his next trip.

He calls is this sales routine his “Business In A Bag.”

The business in a bag is a huge opportunity for you. Here is a link showing much more about this man’s “Business In A Bag.”

The third way is to sell online. You will need, of course, an online store.

If you are new to online selling and are not sure of how to promote your site, we recommend you use a system/service such as SiteSell. Here is a link to that.  SiteSell.

The alternative is to use the free WordPress content management system. You convert it to an online store by adding the WOO Commerce plug-in. You will have to pay for that plug-in.

To use wordpress, you will need a web host. If you use one such as Bluehost (the one we use) there is a link in the Bluehost control panel that you can use to automatically install WordPress for you (free).

It is not difficult to set up and get started. There are instructions and free help all over the web for setting up WordPress and Woo Commerce.

If you would like more information about any of these opportunities, contact us via our contact page..  We can provide you a recommended starting sample package which package includes jewelry that turns over quickly.

A reminder:  wholesale prices are at the wholesale store. Wholesale Store

Hope that this helps.

If you have questions or comments, write us via our contact page.


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