How To Sell Amber Effectively

Learn how the people in the amber capital of the world, Gdansk, Poland, sell amber. And note in particular the products that they choose to sell.

Special Note – If you are interested in selling amber or jewelry that you have, please go here.

If you are interested in selling amber as a business venture,  read on.

After years of 365 days a year sales of amber to tourists ( meaning people from your country that come to Gdansk and buy amber ) , they know what people want, what gets their initial attention and then what they buy best.

The video below shows you how they do it.

Note that the information we present shows outdoor sales. We do that because shop owners do not appreciate us taking videos in their shops. But we have no problems in outdoor areas.

In any case, the principles and techniques are the same.

And then we have another video that shows how amber is sold in other tourist areas on the Baltic Coast. The techniques are similar and the product choices are the same.

That second video is here. Be sure to watch both. To watch the second, click here.

This video may take a little time to load so that you can play it. Please be patient. It has some very good information.

Selling amber off line offers you a great opportunity.

Contact us and we will help you with a basic business plan and starting inventory.


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