Fraudulent Amber

About fraudulent amber and how to detect it.

The sale of fraudulent amber is a major problem. Determining whether a piece of Amber is real, or a fake, is becoming more difficult.

The technology used for producing amber imitations has advanced to the point where distinguishing fraudulent amber is sometimes not possible. Therefore, it is imperative that buyers know their supplier. Even then, buyers should have more than a basic knowledge of amber if they hope to get exactly what they want.

Below are pictures of fraudulent amber. The imitations range from Copal to polyester resins.

fruadulent amber 1
fruadulent amber 2
fruadulent amber 3
fruadulent amber 4
fruadulent amber 5
fruadulent amber 6
fruadulent amber 7
fruadulent amber 8
fruadulent amber 9
fruadulent amber 10
fruadulent amber 11
fruadulent amber 12

The workmanship that went into producing the jewelry shown is laudable. The Amber stones and jewelry are attractive and well done enough to be convincing.

It is such workmanship that fools people into buying junk instead of real amber. Many millions of dollars per year are spent on fraudulent amber like this.

If you buy amber, it is more likely than not that you will be offered fraudulent amber at some time in the buying process.

We recommend that you read the Amber Buyers Guide to learn more about protecting yourself from amber fraud. Get it by clicking on Amber Buyers Guide.

And here is a video that should interest you.



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