Certificate Of Authenticity With Photo

A certificate of authenticity that certifies the details of a particular piece of jewelry.
certificate of authenticity with photo

This certificate of authenticity is a detailed document that is certified by the Poland ChamberĀ that the product is Natural Amber from the Baltic Region of Europe.

A image of the certificate is to the right. It is blurred in this web page to prevent forgery. Yours will, of course, be sharp and clear with a well made photo.

The specifics of the product are listed so that you can accurately identify the product.

There is:

a color photograph of the product,

the weight accurate to .1 gram,

the bead diameter,

the bead shape,

and a Poland Chamber seal.

With such identification you can be sure that no one has substituted a lesser product for the one you purchased.

It also increases the resale value of the product because you can assure your buyer of the authenticity. And the buyer can check with us because we keep records of every such certificate issued.

Furthermore, it gives you a verifiable document that insurance companies can use for a proper evaluation.

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