Buy Amber Wholesale

How to buy amber wholesale and be sure it is genuine amber.

Amber at wholesale prices is available to those who buy in wholesale lots. Some wholesalers require a minimum order amount for each particular product. Others will allow you to aggregate orders to a minimum currency amount.

As it is with buying any amber, you must be cautious when establishing a relationship with a wholesale supplier. You must be sure that you know your seller. You must do your research. At this point, rather than getting diverted, we recommend strongly that you read the Amber Buyers Guide .

You can find amber wholesalers selling from all regions of the world. If you are interested in buying genuine Baltic Amber, it is probably best to buy at the source. By that we mean Poland or Lithuania.

You may also buy directly from a company in Poland at the  Wholesale Store .

To find wholesalers in other locations worldwide, use a business directory that verifies listed companies such as is done by  Worldwide Brands .

And this is very important. If you are interested in protecting yourself from wholesalers who slip into your order some amber imitations, read the Amber Buyers Guide .

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