Buddhist Prayer Beads

Wholesale Buddhist Prayer Beads made from Natural Baltic Amber.

You may also buy small quantities of Buddhist Prayer Beads.  Check below.

All have 108 beads. They are made from pure, Natural Baltic Amber. Beads sizes 6mm to 12 mm are available.

Each is hand made, genuine, pure, Baltic Amber.  All Baltic Amber Bead bracelets come with a Certificate of Authenticity with Photographic Identification.

Here are some examples.

buddhist prayer bead 1buddhist prayer bead 2buddhist prayer bead 3
buddhist prayer bead 4buddhist prayer bead 5buddhist prayer bead 6
buddhist prayer bead 7buddhist prayer bead 8buddhist prayer bead 18
buddhist prayer bead 17buddhist prayer bead 11buddhist prayer bead 12
buddhist prayer bead 13buddhist prayer bead 14buddhist prayer bead 15

If you need more information or have any specific requirements, send email via Contact Form stating your needs.


Every Natural Amber prayer bead looks a bit different because the Natural Amber stones from which they are made are different. In other words, no two pieces of amber are ever exactly the same.

The color shown for these prayer beads are for the one pictured only. And the pictures are of some that were sold.

The same applies to weight and bead size.  No two Buddhist prayer beads ever weigh the same. There are manufacturing tolerances. But you will get one that closely matches the weight and bead size that y ou want.

Please note that prayer beads are sold by the piece and not by weight.

These are made to order. We keep some in stock, but due to continuing orders from many customers, we most often have to produce after we recieve orders.

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If you would like more information, or need  some special help, contact us.

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