Beads 14mm

Available bead sizes 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20 mm, 22mm and up to 35 mm.

Beads in this size range are made in different ways.

The most often requested, and least often purchased, are beads cut from one stone.

Beads cut from a single stone are classified by the International Amber Association, Gdansk ,Poland as Natural Baltic Amber. Succinite

They are extremely expensive with single beads costing as much as 40 and €50 per bead. That makes bead bracelets made with this type bead extremely expensive and generally not marketable.

Most Common – 14 mm and larger beads are also made by pressing amber in a form. Beads are made by pressing  either single or multiple nuggets in a form.

When the bead is made by pressing a single nugget, it is classified by the International Amber Association, Gdansk Poland as Modified Baltic Amber – succinite.

When the bead is made by pressing more than one nugget, it is classified by the International Amber Association Gdansk Poland as Reconstructed Baltic Amber – succinite.

Beads made by any one of these three processes are succinite. That is Natural Amber. It is pure, genuine, Baltic Amber. The only difference in the three is the structure of the layers because in the pressing process the layers are bent.

When subjected to IRS testing, there is absolutely no difference in the spectral curves that result and you cannot distinguish which bead was made by which process by looking at the spectral curves.

They are all Natural Amber and the succinic acid has not been modified so there are no differences in the medical properties of the beads. If you are interested in the medical benefits of amber, click on Medical Benefits Amber.

The prices for 14, 16, 18, 20 mm and so on for  Reconstructed Baltic Amber and Modified Baltic Amber beads are significantly lower than the prices for the beads classified as Natural Baltic Amber.

The most popular beads are the old amber color Reconstructed Baltic Amber beads such as the one shown here. old amber color bead

You can see more here. Old Amber Color Beads

You can buy them wholesale at this link.  Wholesale Store

And you can buy them for personal use at PolandsBest Amber Store.

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