Amber Test Stones

About amber test stones and how to use them.

The pictures below are of genuine Baltic Amber that has been clarified so that it is ready to be made into jewelry.

Many jewelers buy such stones from suppliers that they know are reliable rather than going through the hassle of buying raw amber and processing the raw amber. They avoid a lot of problems that come along with buying raw amber and processing it.

If you make jewelry you may want to buy these and if you want to try making some of your own jewelry, the stones are perfect.

As stated, these stones are genuine Baltic Amber. We call them test stones in this page because they are what we recommend you have on hand if you are going to test amber. One of the stones will act as your test control. You can read about the testing process and the requirement for a test control by going to this link. How To Test Amber

You can also buy these stones wholesale in the wholesale store and you can buy individual or small quantities of the stones by going to this link. PolandsBest

Baltic Amber Stone 1

Baltic Amber Stone 2

Baltic Amber Stone 3

Baltic Amber Stone 4

Baltic Amber Stone 5

Baltic Amber Stone 6


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