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Amber Powder, the benefits of amber powder and how to use it.amber powder

Note that what is discussed here is information about alternative medical treatments that have been long used in Europe. Many scoff at the methods. Others swear by them. In any case, in spite of their long history of use, you should never embark on any course of medical treatment, traditional or alternative, without consulting with your doctor and providing that doctor complete information about your condition and about your intent. The condition or conditions that you are trying to alleviate may be just symptoms of a more serious issue.

With that advice always in mind:

Amber heals, amber cures and amber prevents.

First we link to modern uses of amber powder.  And below is information about the historical use of amber powder.

Amber Aromatherapy And Mosquito Control – This is one of the oldest known ways Europeans used amber on a daily basis.

Amber Foot Care And Cracked Heels – Care for your body while you care for your feet. Try this.

Homemade Amber Oils For Skin Care – A very effective, traditional way to get the benefits of Baltic Amber.


Amber Bedbug Control – Amber powder kept pests out of the beds of those who could get it.  Learn how they did it.

The ancients said it had magical powers. Modern science has proven that the medically active ingredient, succinic acid is in fact beneficial.

Europeans long ago learned that amber oil, either distilled or made from powder, rubbed into the skin did many fabulous things. One of which was to regenerate the skin. It is one of the earliest known anti-aging treatments

Amber oil, derived from pure Baltic Amber, is one of nature’s own cures. And it has been shown to be a very effective cure when applied to the skin.


The Russians and Chinese have been in the forefront of the use of amber for therapeutic purposes.

In the year 2002, N.N Moszkov, a Doctor and the Medical and Biological Head of the Institute of Amber And Regional Resources in Kaliningrad reported getting fast and effective therapeutic results by using amber powder. He rubbed powder, made from pure Baltic Amber, on the skin in the locale of patients’ ailments. Amber was applied on different patients in such places as the head, spine, thyroid gland, chest and the limbs. He found the most visible results when applied to the face.

He maintains that unfavorable environmental conditions prevailing today block the natural flow of energy related processes in cells and the micronisation of amber improves its assimilation by the stress weakened organism of contemporary mankind.

In his book “Amber In Medicine And Cosmetology” (Kaliningrad 2002) the surface massage of biologically active body zones with amber powder may be used:

– For stimulation of hair growth and improvement in hair quality. The treatment consists in rubbing of amber powder into both the balding and hair covered parts of the head once every 2 to 3 days. The hair will start growing and improving in quality after 4 to 6 weeks;

– For treatment of thyroid gland diseases. The area above the thyroid gland should be massaged with amber powder for 3 to 5 minutes every day for 10 days, and then every second day (also 10 massage sessions):

– The treatment of small blood vessels. The entire extremity should be massaged circularly and amber powder should be intensely rubbed in until warm. The skin should be also massaged above the cervical spine upper extremities, and above the lumbar spine or lower extremities. The treatment cycle covers 10 sessions on a daily basis and 10 sessions every other day. If necessary, the entire cycle may be repeated after a week’s break for 1 – 3 months:

Amber suppositories are prepared by thorough mixing of one part of amber powder with one part of honey. They should be stored in the refrigerator and used for the treatment of hemorrhoids. To get rid of the unpleasant ailment, massage the sacral zone with amber powder and use amber honey suppositories twice a day.

Amber oil prepared by distillation neutralizes mosquito and other insect bites, relieves pain and cramps by relaxation, strengthens hair follicles and removed dandruff. When added to your bath, 1 to 2 mL of amber oil makes the skin supple.

Additionally, Dr. Veniamin Khazarov of the RAS Institute of Pharmacology at the Tomsk Scientific Center, says. “ For the people, succinic acid has proved to be indispensable. It is capable of restoring the energy balance at the cellular level, which is often upset as years go by, and helps the patient regain his youthful energy.” He says also that it has proven the equal or better of many commercial drugs and is significantly less expensive.

Baltic Amber powder is used in Chinese herbal medications and creams that call for the benefits of natural Baltic Amber. And it is Baltic Amber that is called for because it is the only amber with a remarkably high level of the medically active ingredient succinic acid, otherwise known as amber acid.

In China, amber is ground into powder and swallowed with water, or more commonly, with a decoction of herbs, wine or other alcohol. It is also combined into pills made with powder or extract of other ingredients. Typical dosing recommended by them is 1.5 to 3 .0 g per day.

Amber powder can be applied as powder itself. Traditionally it has also been added to rose oil or honey. Modern users also add it to their favorite herbal massage cream. Others feel that it is best used by combining it with cold pressed sunflower oil which oil is itself is high in vitamin E content.

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