Amber Komboloi

Genuine Baltic Amber komboloi high quality production directly from Poland.

Pictured are three standard Komboloi. They show the various bead combinations and shapes.

They are classified as Reconstructed Amber in accordance with the classification rules of the international Amber Association, Gdansk Poland. Read that classification here.

That means that they are genuine Baltic Amber. There are no glues colorants or any additives. They are pure.

And they are affordable.

Below the pictures is more information about different styles.


Genuine Amber Komboloi Amber KomboloiBaltic Amber Komboloi

There are also Komboloi available with beads cut from a single nugget/stone (Natural Baltic Amber) and with beads formed from  single nugget/stone (Modified Baltic Amber).

This picture shows the various colors and combinations available for worry beads and Komboloi.

amber komboloi

Contact us with information about what  type, colors, shapes and sizes you would like.

And if you have any questions or need further information, contact us.

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