Amber Imitations

About imitation Baltic Amber and how imitation amber is made and sold.




Guide To Amber Imitations –  32 page publication, it contains a comprehensive and detailed expose of contemporary amber counterfeiting as well as details about how it was done in the past.

It is well illustrated and gives the reader an in-depth knowledge of the processes used to create amber imitations that are flooding the market today.

It also reviews the 20th Century processes used to create cheap trade goods for the African market and how the Communist government was involved in making amber imitations that are many times still kept as precious and valuable family heirlooms. These goods find their way to antique shops, specialty shops, and estate sales where they command , and are sold for, high prices even though they are low value imitations.

And having educated the reader about the problem, this book provides testing procedures and methods to protect oneself when buying amber.

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