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About Amber therapeutics and using amber for health maintenance.

In the past, amber was considered one of the top six medicines.

Though displaced by modern cures, it continues to be used for health maintenance, skin regeneration and anti-aging.

Most amber treatments rely on amber powder. It is used in cosmetics, massage creams and applied in its original powder form directly to the skin.

Many Chinese medicines either contain amber powder or are amber powder based.

Ingesting amber powder, or other forms of amber based medicines, is not universally recommended – even though the practice is widespread among those who follow Chinese amber treatment routines.

Amber tinctures, made by seeping amber chips in alcohol, are generally approved by alternative medicine advocates because only the alcohol is ingested.

However, a few words of caution are important. Amber is a polymerized resin that contains impurities of many forms. Those impurities include 40 million year old dust, dirt, spores, feathers, insects parts and anything else that happened to land on the sticky resin. So, if you ingest amber, they come along with it.

One has to question how wise it is to ingest things about which we know little or nothing. The safest approach is not to ingest amber in any form.

Some amber powder on the market is potentially hazardous because it is refuse from amber jewelry manufacturers. It contains polishes, cutting compounds, metals and anything else that was around the room.

But some amber powder is made by grinding clean Baltic Amber. It comes in many grades from home use quality to laboratory grade.

If you are going to use amber powder, get a grade that is ground directly from amber like that which you can find here. Amber Health

There is a lot to cover when it comes to amber health. It is too important to try to cover it in a single web page. So we refer you to the book below.

There is a lot more to read about amber powder and amber for health that can be found in this book. Modern Amber Therapeutics.


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