Amber Footcare

How to use amber powder to eliminate cracked heels and keep your feet in good shape.

Adding amber powder to your footwear does some wonderful things for you.

Not only does it help your feet, it helps the rest of you.

To get the benefits of amber, it should be in close contact with your body. Body heat will then cause its medically active ingredient, succinic acid, to be transferred to your body.

People use beads, bracelets, necklaces, amber massage stones and more to get amber close.

When it is in your shoes, it is a close as it can get to your skin and under optimal conditions. It will be more effective than any of the other methods used.

At the same time, amber has the magnificent ability to make skin soft and supple.

The following is a regimen offered by one amber practitioner.

Add amber powder to shoes, sneakers, slippers.

Wash your feet daily and apply your normal skin moisturizing cream.

Wear your amber slippers around the house.  When participating in any sports, add extra amber powder to your footwear.

Your feet will clear of cracks and hard crevices in a few days.

Continue using amber powder to keep your feet clear.

And remember that the powder in your shoes gives you a continual amber health massage.  You get the continual benefits of amber’s medically active ingredient, succinic acid.

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