Amber Distributor

How to make money by being an amber distributor.

This is an off-line business opportunity. Businesses that sell amber off line make significantly more money that those that sell online.

Your customers will be gift shops, jewelry stores, kiosks, fleamarket sellers, eBay sellers, and any other retailer that you think may be interested in selling amber.

You will start with a small sample package and increase your inventory as you build a client base.

Retailers will be repeat buyers. And if you treat them well, they should order from you often.

See how one man does this in Warsaw, Poland. How To Sell Offline.

You must invest in a basic sample package. As your business grows and you build relationships with your customer base, you can take orders by phone and have products drop shipped to them.

Distributorships are available in any country.

We will provide you with a basic business plan if you contact us. When you do, tell us you would like the Basic Distributor’s Plan and where you are located. Contact us here.

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