Amber Bedbug Prevention

How to use amber powder to drive away bedbugs.

Amber powder has been used for centuries to keep beds free of pests.  Such pests include bedbugs.

Today bedbug infestation is a growing problem. Not only does a hotel visitor experience the pain of sleeping in an infested bed, but that visitor can be an unwitting transporter of those bugs to another location – including home.

Long ago Europeans learned that bedbugs and other pests will leave a place that has been dusted with amber powder.  So straw beds and other bedding were liberally dusted with powder.

You can do the same as they did.

Carry with you a package of amber powder.  Dust it between the sheets of any hotel bed. You can even dust your nightclothes to be sure.

There is a second benefit to doing this.  Amber powder has medicinal benefits.  The powder will transfer to your body the medically active ingredient – succinic acid.  You can read about amber powder and its medicinal benefits at About Amber Powder.

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