Amber Beads For Pain

About amber beads that are used for pain relief and soothing.

If you are going to use amber to relieve pain is important that for the most effect you use Baltic Amber.

One can find amber all over the world. The amber that comes from the Baltic region of Europe contains the highest percentage of succinic acid of all amber that is found. That is what makes it unique and why it was once listed as one of the top six medicines in Europe.

It is succinic acid that is the medically active ingredient that soothes pain. The Succinic acid in Baltic Amber has been used for medicinal purpose for hundreds of years.

The best bead choice for adults is the amber chip necklace.

That is because the succinic acid generally lies near the surface of amber. When amber chips are ground to make a round bead, a good percentage of the succinic acid is removed. The bead that is left is, of course, effective. But not as effective as the original amber chip.

Using amber beads for pain is but one approach to using amber. The most effective approach, however, is to use amber powder. You can get more coverage of the body and more effective results when you use amber powder, amber oil or amber massage cream made from amber powder. You can read about amber powder here.

If you are going to use an amber bead, remember that you have to transfer the succinic acid from the bead to your body for pain relief. The more surface area that the bead has, the more succinic acid will be transferred.

So it is best to use a bead that is burnished rather than one that is highly polished. The burnished bead has a greater surface area and the pores have not been closed by polishing. So not only do you get the succinic acid from the surface but you get it from deeper down inside the amber through the amber pores.

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