Amber Beads For Baby

About natural amber beads for baby for pain relief and soothing during teething.

At the right you see the best type of amber beads that you can use for pain soothing for a child. They are baroque, semi-polished or burnished beads. Being semi-polished, they do not have the rough edges that are typical of raw amber.

amber beads for baby

Please note that because they are a bead, they are not raw amber. Raw amber is amber in its natural state. You can see what that looks like here. You use that type amber for amber beads for adults. Amber beads for babies must be smoothed so they are not irritating.

These beads are shaped by tumbling raw, baltic amber in a grinding medium. As such they are classified by the International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland as Natural Baltic Amber. Read about the amber classifications here.

They are the most effective form of beads for two basic reasons.

First, the medically active ingredient that soothes pain is succinic acid. That is something that forms in amber long after it has been buried in the earth. And it generally lies near the surface of the raw stone. When a stone is polished to make a bead, the surface material (commonly called bark) is removed. The more that is removed, the more of the material with the highest concentration of succinic acid is removed.

As a raw stone goes through the polishing process, the first beads made that can be use for baby are the burnished beads. And then after a lot more polishing and surface removal, out come the bright beads.

Result? More succinic acid is in the burnished bead because less of the surface has been removed. It is a better bead for your baby.

Second, succinic acid must be transferred to your baby’s skin. The more transferred, the more effect.

The amount transferred depends on the surface area of the bead. A burnished bead, by reason of a rougher surface and open pore structure, has more surface area.

The polished bead just cannot compare.

So when considering beads for your baby, do choose burnished beads.

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