Amber Beads For Adults

About natural amber beads for adults for fashion and pain relief.

Amber beads that adults take many shapes and are made in many ways.big bead bracelet

Very popular are the large bead bracelets that have bead sizes 8 to 24 mm. Larger beads are available but generally people prefer 24 mm adult beads and a maximum because the larger beads just don’t look right on a bracelet they are better worn on a necklace.

Here is a link to the large bead bracelets.

In Europe one also finds very popular Natural Baltic Amber beads that are made by tumble polishing individual stones of amber. Because of the nature of amber, every one of them is different in weight, size, color and internal structure.natural baltic amber bead necklace

Because of that you do not find them in foreign markets because wholesalers generally want to import pieces that look the same over and over again. You can see some examples of this type bead at this link. Amber Bead Necklace

When considering an amber bead for adults keep in the back of your mind the medicinal benefits of using natural Baltic amber. Amber from the Baltic region of Poland contains the highest level of succinic acid of all the ambers in the world. As such it will provide you most help.

You might want to read our free book on the medical benefits of amber. Click on this link to get information.

Here are some resources and show amber beads for adults as they are presented in Baltic amber jewelry made in Poland.

Adult tumbled bead necklaces

Large bead bracelets




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