About Us And Our History

Information about the company that exports products from Poland.

Our Business

We are in the business of increasing our base of customers who choose us as their preferred and trusted supplier of Polish products.

That is done by shipping only products that are exactly as described in the listings in our stores.

We sell on Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, and a few other venues. In all cases we have very high ratings and customer feedback.

Our Products

We export selected Polish products. They include Baltic Amber, Christmas ornaments, candles, salt lamps, crystal and glass, train and building small scale model kits and plans, railroad hobby gifts, model train equipment and supplies, pierogi making kitchen gadgets, ravioli making kitchen gadgets, and much, much more.

Our History

We have been exporting products from Poland since 1993.

In 1996 we put online the first dual language portal in Poland – The MasterPage.

At the time we also started the second commercial internet service in Poland. We sold that to focus on web marketing.

Our Web Ring

We maintain the following web sites.

MasterPage, ChamberofCommerce.pl PolandBusiness.com.pl, Unique Handmade Gifts, Steam Train Info, Wholesale Products Poland, magicland Models and several smaller non-commercial sites.

Our online stores include PolandsBestâ„¢ Amber, The Drop Ship Store, The Wholesale Store, The General Store.


Our Contact Information

We are located in Warsaw, Poland

Email – To prevent spam, please us this contact page

Phone: US Number – Answered in Poland. You pay only for a US call. 1 508 471 4462

Phone: Poland Number – +48 508 127 892

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