About Amber Types

About the types of amber and what is genuine amber.

The word amber is a generic term that covers many different types of raw as well as processed amber. This page discusses the various types of amber.

As a first step one must distinguish between amber from different parts of the world. The amber in each region was created from different tree resins, under different conditions and at different times. So the chemical makeup is different.

Baltic Amber, from the countries around the Baltic Sea, is generally considered the highest quality.    It is a Class 1A amber.  It has the highest content in amber acid, is most prized for medicinal use and is considered to have the best beauty.

Baltic Amber has a variety of textures, colors, impurity concentration, layers and, and more depending on the region where the parent tree was located and where the resin was deposited in or on that tree.

For example, amber mined in Poland is visually distinguishable from so-called “Ukrainian Amber”. Both are Baltic Amber, succinite.

But visually they appear different.

Baltic Amber, furthermore, takes on different looks when man processes it.

Man roasts it, boils it in oil, clarifies and colors it in autoclaves and more.

So a single amber stone can be made to have any number of shapes and colors.  The final result depends on how man processes it.

Regardless of the end result, it will remain Baltic Amber – succinite. A class 1A amber.

And the medicinal properties of that amber will not change.

To avoid confusion and promote honesty, the International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland has issued guidelines for the classification of amber gemstones.  The classifications are based on how the amber is processed.

The classification is related to how the amber is processed.   In all cases the resulting gemstone is still Class 1A Baltic Amber succinite.

In abbreviated terms, the processes are:

Cut from a single nugget of amber.   Natural Baltic Amber – succinite  See Classification Of Amber Gemstones

Pressed from one nugget of amber. Modified Baltic Amber – succinite Classification Of Amber Gemstones

Pressed from more than one nugget of amber. Reconstructed Baltic Amber – succinite Classification Of Amber Gemstones

Pressed with minimal bonding agents. Bonded Baltic Amber – succinite Classification Of Amber Gemstones

The above are not different types of amber.  They are all the same type.  Man has just changed how they look. They are all Class 1A Baltic Amber.

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