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About Natural Baltic Amber, how to buy it and how to check the quality plus pictures and videos of natural baltic amber jewelry.

natural baltic amber

We are mainly wholesalers that since 1995 have been supplying businesses, large and small, all over the world. Through this site you can buy Certified Natural Baltic Amber products at factory direct prices.

We Deal In Only
Genuine Baltic Amber

Products are available through this site  wholesale and retail include, but are not limited to:

Amber Bracelets And Necklaces

Bead Bracelets With Beads 14 mm to 30 mm Size.

Craft Beads For Teething Necklaces And More

Prayer Beads – Islamic, Buddhist

Health Necklaces And Bracelets

Adult Jewelry

Teething Necklaces And Sets

Loose Beads 14 mm to 30 mm Size

And Much, Much More

There over 200 pages of information and you may miss just what you want.

Or if you wish, we invite you to tell us exactly what you want. We can then return to you the specific information for which you are searching.

Dedicated to information about and helping you with information About Natural Baltic amber, this site provides complete information about the various Natural Baltic Amber products available as well as how amber is processed and used.

You can also get information about how to start a business selling amber.

About The Natural Baltic Amber Site

In each of the pages of this collection of information are videos that give you special insight into the subject at hand.

As you go through the information here, please note that we are located in Poland and have been buying and selling amber since 1995. We feel that because of our vast experience in the area, that the information here is quite unique and particularly helpful for those who wish to make their own jewelry as well as those who wish to have their own amber businesses.

The video shows the source of Natural Baltic amber in Poland that we recommend.


We do hope that this Natural Baltic Amber site is informative and helpful.

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