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Wholesale Reconstructed Amber Beads

About Wholesale amber beads, the most popular and most used form of amber beads.

amber olive shaped beads

Such beads are made from pieces of amber pressed together under high temperature and pressure without any additives.

The resulting beads are pure, 100% Natural Baltic amber. The process of making the beads is laid out at Reconstructed Amber.

Such pressing allows for the creation of a multitude of shapes, for example, from round balls to faceted olive shaped beads.

Below and in the picture to the right and below are some examples of what is available.

This display box shows reconstructed beads in many forms and colors.

It shows you have versatile reconstructed amber is and why it is so popular among jewelers and necklace makers.

And what can be done does not stop here.

Look at the large selection of other beads below.

The are reconstructed amber and, like all amber we deal with, have no additives.

They are 100%, pure, Natural Baltic Amber.

If you click on the images you wil see a larger view.


70 Specially Shaped Beads
reconstructed amber beads 1 - 21 reconstructed amber beads 22 - 49 reconstructed amber beads 50 - 70


Tell us what your requirements are and we will send you a wholesale price list.

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