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Wholesale Formed Amber Beads

Buy formed pure natural Baltic amber beads press formed from a single stone wholesale in this page.

These beads come in natural colors only. The pattern and color are dictated by the raw amber stone that is chosen to make them. So there will be some variations in color. You can see some of the variations in the natural white color in the image below. In the cognacs and lemon, you will not see that much variation, but some can be there.

pressed from one stone bead size table

The image to the also shows you a very popular use for beads press formed from a single stone. Some of the bead bracelets shown are made from beads hand cut from a single stone. And some from beads pressed formed from a single stone.

bead bracelets

Note due to the nature of amber - it is generally flat - hand cut beads cannot be made as large as the press formed beads. So if you need larger beads, this is your best solution.

The minimum order is 1 kilogram grams.

Send us your requirements for a quotation.