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Published By The International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland, this book is an authorative discussion of Baltic Amber.
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What Is Raw Amber

A discussion about raw and polished amber.

Raw amber is just as it says. It is raw. It is unprocessed. It is as it is (except for washing the dirt off it ) found on the beach, dredged out of the ground or taken from the mine.

Here are some pictures of various forms of raw amber.


raw amber raw amber chips raw amber stones


Note that there are many kinds of amber. They vary based on where and how the sap was depositied on the pine tree. So these pictures do not present all types that you may see, but they are enough to allow you to get the picture. Raw amber is rough with crust.

Any processing of the amber that takes the crust off makes it something other than raw amber.

A common misconception is that something like these burnished beads are raw amber. They are NOT raw amber.

burnished; burnished beads for necklace


They are tumble polished beads. They are made either by removing them from the polishing tumbler before they develop a shine or by tumbling a polished bead in a special abrasive that will give the desired burnished effect.

A note of caution.

If you are selling something on the web, do not misrepresnt it. Misrepresentation on the web can subject you to claims of wire fraud. Addtionally, you can be subjected to charges of racketeering under RICO.

All it takes is one of your competitors to buy something that you misrepersent and then make the claims against you.

So don't sell beads and baby teething necklaces made with burnished beads as raw. Because they are not raw. They are burnished or partially polished.



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