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What Is Amber?

Answers "What is amber?" with pictures, video and text explanation and review of Natural Baltic Amber.

It is a non uniform, haphazardly created gemstone that is petrified, impurity filled tree sap. The tree sap came from conifers that grew hundreds of millions of years ago.

It is a gemstone that has been valued for centuries.

Even though it is a stone, it is light and it generally floats. And if heated, it melts at low temperature. That allows it to be shaped by amber artists and bead makers.

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And its color can be changed by heating and cooling in different ways.

Amber is found in many places around the world. And, because the trees that grew in the different regions had their own characteristics, the tree sap they produced had its own chemical makeup. So the amber that resulted is unique to the area that the trees grew.

For example, baltic amber has the highest concentration of amber, or succinic acid, in the world. That makes it particularly attractive for people who understand the curative powers of amber. See Succinic acid.

Even within a region, amber differs. It can be white, yellow, honey, green and many mixes of colors. It can be clear and uniform or grainy, with faults and prone to breaking apart.

Because pictures can be more effective than works, here is a video that covers the subject "What is Amber?"

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Start Your Own Amber Jewelry Business

This video provides a visual explanation of what amber is. Though it uses Natural Baltic Amber as a base for the answer, the generally principles apply to all ambers found around the world.

Buying and selling amber provides you the chance to have your own successful business. See How To Buy And Sell Amber.










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