The Medical Use Of Amber

About the medical use of amber as used in the past and how it is used today for amber cures.

Amber was once considered one of the top six medicines and was used to cure a myriad of ills.

But few people outside people active in the amber business in northern Europe know either the extent of its historical use or what modern research has done to confirm some of the benefits of amber for health purposes.

Being active in the amber business, selling retail as well is wholesale, I have continually receive requests for products and information about how amber is used for health purposes today and the historical use of amber.

It was not until a friend, and supplier of baby teething necklaces, advised me of a remedy for pain relief from Lyme disease. It got my attention. The recipe (included in this book) stimulated my personal search for more information and personal use of amber as a cure.

Because of the benefits that I found from the use of amber, I decided to make this information available in book form and provide it so that other people may have the possibility of benefiting from what the ancients called the “magic of amber”.

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