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Teething Necklace Review

A review of the best teething necklace designs.

There are two basic things to consider when choosing a teething necklace.

The first is the type bead. And the second in the type clasp.

Regardless of your choice, note that many thousands of people have been satisfied with all types of teething necklaces. And also note that many have not been satisfied. They do not think that they work.

But the history is long and quite consistent. People have used them for centuries and were they ineffective, they probably would have fallen into disuse.


First there is bead type. The early teething necklaces were not highly polished. The machinery necessary to shape and polished craft beads use the teething necklaces did not exist.

The highly polished bead is a modern invention that resulted from improved technology for polishing beads.

The traditional bead was more like the burnished beads that are made today. Because they were shaped by hand they were not as uniform and more of the amber surface layer that contains the succinic acid was retained.

The burnished bead has a greater surface area because it is porous and therefore has more area from which to transfer succinic acid.

So for a given bead size a burnished bead should be more effective for pain soothing.

And because a larger bead contains more succinic acid, a necklace with the larger bead should be more effective for pain soothing.

Once again note that many people are very satisfied with highly polished beads in their teething necklaces.


All teething necklaces come with warnings. That is because they are a choke hazard.

Of the type of clasps available, the screw clasp is more of a hazard than the pop clasp.

That is because the pop clasp will open automatically if the tension approaches the point where the baby will choke.

Here is a picture of a burnished bead teething necklace made with a pop clasp.

You may see more at this link.


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