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In general this web site contains pages that provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and most frequently sought information about amber. Each of the pages contains a video that helps to make the points emphasized in the pages.

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Index Of Other Pages In This Site

Amber Chip Bracelets

The bracelets in this page are made from pure Natural Baltic Amber chips. Each is unique. They come in basic designs, but since each chip is unique, no two bracelets are exactly alike.

Natural Baltic Amber Bracelets

Here you find information about wholesale natural baltic amber bracelets plus a video presentation of some typical designs.

Amber Beads

There is a great deal of confusion about amber beads. This page provides information about Amber Beads and how to find amber bead suppliers.

Natural Baltic Amber Beads

You can see examples of Amber Beads and how they are used by reviewing the information in each of the following links.

How To Buy Amber Wholesale

Use this page for procedures and contact information to buy wholesale

Raw Amber

Raw amber is just that. It is raw. It is a non uniform, haphazardly created gemstone that is petrified, impurity filled tree sap.

Types Of Amber

As a first step one must distinguish between amber from different parts of the world. The amber in each region was created from different tree saps, under different conditions and at different times. So the chemical makeup is different.

Amber Necklaces For Health

Natural Baltic Amber has a legendary reputation, much of which has been since proven by science to be a matter of truth, for soothing pain and for its curative powers.

Baby Teething Necklaces

There are many different things sold as baby teething necklaces. This page discusses those made of pure amber.

Natural Baltic Amber Chip Necklaces

The first amber necklaces were made from raw amber chips. Many examples of such necklaces worn made and worn during medieval times can be found displayed in churches in Poland. Being extremely valuable, they were given to the Church as significant gifts.

Natural Baltic Amber Necklaces

The necklaces shown in this page are made using pure, natural baltic amber. They are hand made and because they are, for the most part, made from unprocessed amber, or in other words, amber that is just polished and drilled, each piece is unique.

Natural Baltic Amber Bracelets

To make a presentable and wearable natural baltic amber bracelet, the amber must be processed and shaped. In some cases the processing is as simple as polishing the raw amber stones to remove the sharp edges. The result is a traditional raw amber bracelet such as was worn during the medieval times.

Medical Use Of Amber

In this page there are links to pages that discuss the medical use of amber. You are invited to go through them in detail.

Amber FAQ

In this page we list the answers to questions that we get from visitors which questions are related to natural baltic amber.

Amber Tinctures

Many people in Europe use amber tinctures as part of their health maintenance routines. The use of such tinctures has a long history and goes back to the medieval days when it was noted that amber workers did not die of the Black Plague.

What Is Genuine Amber

There are two general types of Baltic Amber. There is Genuine Natural Baltic Amber and Genuine Baltic Amber.

About Counterfeit Amber

To many people, amber is something with an amber color. And they can be fooled by amber colored resins.

How To Buy Amber Wholesale

Ordering the amber pieces in this web site is generally much simpler because of the nature of the product.


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