About Succinite, what it is and how it is used for jewelry, beauty and health.

The word succinite is derived from the Latin word succinium. It is a term used in mineralogy. It means Baltic Amber.

The name succinium is founded on the high content of succinic acid that is found in Baltic Amber. It is as high as 8%. That is the highest of all ambers found around the world.

Succinic acid is responsible for the medical properties of Baltic Amber. Read about succinic acid here.

Succinite is 100% genuine Baltic Amber. That is explained in further detail at Genuine Amber.

Succinite beads are made by carving single nuggets, pressing single nuggets in a mould or combining more than one nugget under pressure.

When subjected to the most advanced technology for testing amber, IRS , the spectral curves for beads made by either cutting or pressing are identical. The test identifies them all as succinite  ( genuine Baltic Amber).

The medical properties are not affected by the way a bead is made. Read about the Medical Uses Of Amber Here

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