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Reconstructed Amber Beads


Natural baltic amber beads pressed into uniform shapes and sizes and drilled for stringing on necklaces. These beads are 100% natural baltic amber. There are no additives or resins. They are pure, genuine natural baltic amber.

These are used to make the extremely popular necklaces that one finds in tourist areas, hotels, gifts shops and other high traffic areas. They are very attractive and a favorits for gifts. They are also widely used for prayer beads and komboloi. See Gemstone Prayer Beads.

Below are unedited pictures of our amber bead display board.

amber bead

The pictures here are intended to show relative shapes and sizes of the various beads. They are not intended to show color, shading and internal patterns.

The picture to the left gives an indication of one color. There are many colors and patterns.

If you are making necklaces, it is best to have on hand a collection of at least one of each of these beads. In that way you can best choose what is best for the situation at hand.

The minimum order of any one bead is 1 kilogram. Individual beads weigh from just under 1 gram to just over 3 grams - depending on the bead forms shown below.

A sample pack consisting of one of each of these beads can be ordered.

We recommend that you order a sample pack prior to ordering any of this amber.

To order a sample pack or for any other information, send email via our contact page.


reconstructed amber bead
Cognac Olive
reconstructed amber bead
Cognac Barrel
reconstructed amber bead
Cognac White Barrel
reconstructed amber bead
reconstructed amber bead
reconstructed amber bead


If you need more information or have any specific requirements, send email via Contact Form stating your needs.