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Raw Baltic Amber Beads or Burnished Teething Necklace Beads

About Burnished Amber Teething necklace beads which are often inappropriately called raw baltic amber beads.

burnished amber teething necklace

The pictures in this page show burnished amber teething necklace beads and a teething necklace made of those beads.

Note that many people call these beads raw. They are not raw. They are processed. Please read What Is Raw Amber.

Note that the advantage to these beads in a teething necklace is that there is more area on a bead to allow for transfer of succinci acid.

The beads are available retail and in small quantitiy wholesale at Burnished Beads

For amounts over 100 grams of any one bead, contact us directly and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.

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You may also purchase clasps and string at Supplies



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