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Published By The International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland, this book is an authorative discussion of Baltic Amber. free information image
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Raw Amber

About raw amber and how to get raw natural baltic amber from Poland


Raw Amber 5 - 10
Raw Amber 5 - 10
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Raw Amber 10 - 20
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Raw Amber 20 - 50
Raw Amber 50 - 100
Raw Amber 50 - 100

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Raw amber is just that. It is raw. It is a non uniform, haphazardly created gemstone that is petrified, impurity filled tree sap.

Raw amber comes in many colors and many grades. A good percentage of it cannot be used for jewelry in its unprocessed state. For example most white amber crumbles when worked. So it is has limited use unless heated and pressed into beads or cabochons.

Raw amber from the Baltics is generally either illegally dredge mined in the forests along the Baltic sea coast or legally in large open mines in Lithuania or Kalinigrad.


You can buy sorted raw amber by the kilogram - subject to order minimums.

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Some suppliers simply sell lots of amber as it comes from the mine. Others sort it and run it through a series of sieve to separate it by size.

Because the surface of the raw amber stones is opaque, one does not know what lies below. It could be a clear piece or it could have faults. Or it could have some inclusions such as insect or plant remains. It is a game of chance.

Some suppliers offer polished raw amber. After polishing they remove the stones with inclusions or faults. And you get the uniform clear product.

The pieces with inclusions are sold to select buyers at much higher prices than the clear stones. Amber with inclusions is generally available only to select, regular customers of the seller. And even then it is only available at premium prices.

Wholesale order minimums are generally around 1 kilogram except when buying individual large stones.

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