Raw Amber Poland

A collection of raw amber stones directly from Poland. See our otherĀ  offerings in this page.

Amber Mined In Poland

The following three pictures show amber sized 5 to 10 grams. It is typical of the Baltic Amber that was mined in Poland. Note the extremely high quality.

5-10 amber5-10 amber5-10 amber


The following three pictures show amber sized 10 to 20 grams. Polish Amber is unbelievably beautiful

10-20 amber10-20 amber10-20 amber

Mining Amber in Poland has for some time been illegal. In spite of that, small operators have been mining amber in the forests. They supply a significant amount of high quality amber such as the amber that you see above.

These illegal operations have been their own worst enemies. Where they have opened their illegal dredging operations they have left a mess. The Polish Government is now making a concerted effort to shut all these illegal operations down.

Since we have no interest in participating in any activity that destroys the forests, we are no longer dealing in Polish Amber. We are taking a different path to supply our customers with quality product.

Most amber in Poland comes from the Kaliningrad. Unfortunately, the consistency and quality of the amber coming from Kaliningrad leaves a lot to be desired.

Looking at the situation practically, most jewelers clarify raw amber that they buy. So we are now offering clarified Baltic Amber stones that are ready to be used to make jewelry. Below are pictures of some such stones.

Baltic Amber Stone 1

Baltic Amber Stone 2

Baltic Amber Stone 3

Baltic Amber Stone 4

Baltic Amber Stone 5

Baltic Amber Stone 6

If you will be using the raw amber to make jewelry, these clarified stones will provide you consistent quality. Additionally, they will relieve you of the effort to either roast or autoclave your amber.

This Amber is genuine Baltic Amber. It is used widely by jewelers in Poland.

If you are interested in wholesale quantities of jewelry ready, clarified Baltic Amber, contact us and we will respond with prices and shipping information.


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