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Questions And Answers

Basic information that is often requested of us.

How long have you been in business?

Our first web site went on line in 1996 - well before most people even knew what email was.

In fact, we started at that time the second commercial internet service in Poland.  We were some of the first people selling online.

We have since sold the internet service and have focused on international trade using the internet as our communication medium.


Where are you located?

Warsaw, Poland. Please note that we house our web pages and online stores on servers in the United States. Don't let server location mislead you. Our offices and staff are in Warsaw, Poland.


Where do you ship from?

Warsaw, Poland


To what countries do you ship?

Shipping is to all countries.


How do you ship?

Generally by priority air mail or EMS. You can choose other carriers, if you wish.


Do I get a tracking number?

Of course. Additionall,y in you personal account and order history in this store is installed a special tracking system that automatically tracks your package for you.

Any time you want to check the status, just log into your account and the latest tracking information will be there.


How long does it take to ship to my country?

We normally ship Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sometimes we will ship other days as well.

Packages normally leave Poland the day after we deposit them with Polish Post. They normally arrive in your country by the next day after that.

Then delivery depends on your country's customs service and postal service.

We have had packages delivered in the US in as little as five days after we posted them. And then sometimes as many as twenty five. The time differences are related to the sorting points and customs services at the point the package enters your country.

How reliable and safe is international shipping of valuable goods.

Very. We have never lost a package. Packages always make it to the customer's post office.

Do note, however, that quite often some of those packages are returned to us because customers sometimes do not pick them up after the post office leaves a notice to do so.

We get the returned package, we notify the customer and make arrangements to reship.


What are the shipping costs?

That cannot be answered until we know what you are ordering, how much it weighs, how you want it shipped and the shipping address.


What Is Your Guarantee And Return Policy.

To assure your satisfaction, we provide a very liberal guarantee policy.

Please note that we have been selling on the Internet since 1996. In the year 2014 alone, we delivered products of many sorts to almost 2000 customers. The Poland's best brand amber and products enjoy a very high reputation on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Etsy.

We have over 1000 customers in our own online retail store many of whom have made repeat purchases and very few of whom have returned anything.

We have over 700 wholesalers in our wholesale network a great number of which order on a regular basis.

We have that reputation and get repeat orders from our wholesale network because we supply the product that we promise and we supply it reliably.

It should be remembered that we are not interested in making single sales. We are interested in customers that will buy from us routinely. So we have to supply good product every time if we expect people to buy again. That is probably one of the best guarantees that you can get.

But as it is, this is the real world and nothing is perfect. It may come to pass that something you receive is not what you expected.

We understand that and, as such, have a liberal return policy.

Any time within 30 days of the time that you receive your amber, you may return it to us for a refund.

The refund terms are as follows:

We will refund after we receive the product and inspect it to ensure that it is the same product that we shipped and that it is in the same condition that it was when we shipped it.

The costs of returning the product for a refund are yours. Those costs include the shipping to Poland, a 23% import tax on products that are shipped to us, and any other fees related to having the product delivered to us in Warsaw Poland which fees include a 5% handling and restocking fee.

This is my first time ordering from you.  How do I know you will ship my order?

Why should we not ship your order?  If we do not ship, we don't build a customer base and we don't get reorders.

And besides that, we neither have the time nor the inclination to waste our lives in disputes with customers. So we do what we say we will do and ship what we say we will ship. Just as we have been doing for many, many years.

But do take this into consideration.  Always test a supplier, be it us or someone else, by placing some small initial orders before you place a large order. It enables you and the supplier to correct any addressing, billing or ordering problems on small orders.  Once you have the supply chain firm, then place larger orders.



How do I know your amber is real?

We deal only in Baltic amber in the first three classifications of the International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland.  We do not deal with bonded Baltic amber. Read Amber Classifications

All products are shipped with a certificate of authenticity. Certain products are shipped with Identification Certificates.  Read

You should know how to PROPERLY test amber. Order one or two small orders and test them PROPERLY.  Read How To Test Amber

Use an amber test kit to PROPERLY test amber. Read About An Amber Test Kit

Have high value items tested by the International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland. Read IRS Testing


How can I pay?

We accept payments depending on the type products ordered and the amount of an order.

Payment methods include bank transfer, Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal

Because third-party payment gateways such as PayPal and credit card clearing companies do not generally recognize that there are fees involved in the return of the product, our financing agreement with our financial source requires that in certain cases we cannot take credit cards, or payments via payment services such as paypay, but rather we must require payment to be made to us by bank transfer, Western Union or Money Gram.

That requirement came about after our experience with large-scale buyer fraud and fraudulent chargebacks.

This requirement assures our financial source that we avoid the heavy losses that are associated with the fraudulent chargebacks made through the payment gateways and credit card processors.

If you are making a first time purchase from us, in particular if you are making a large purchase, it is to your benefit to order a small amount to test our quality and reliability. In fact this advice applies to making a first time purchase from any company. By making a small order you can establish an assurance level that helps make you comfortable with larger orders.

Once again,  it should be remembered that we are not interested in making single sales. We are interested in customers that will buy from us routinely. So we have to supply good product every time if we expect people to buy again. That is probably one of the best guarantees that you can get.

So start small. You can be sure that we are going to send good product because we want you to order over and over again. And each time you order you will get good product because we want you to order over and over again.



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