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Amber Products For The Muslim Community

Products that sell well to members of the Muslim community.

Based on our sales experience at tradeshows and reported sales from shops in our network, these are products that you should consider.

Health Necklaces

For centuries Amber has been valued for its medicinal properties. People are learning what the ancients knew. Amber has a positive effect on one's health.

These are traditional Amber health necklaces. They are popular the world over. There are those that are made from raw chips and those that are polished and double as attractive jewelry.

More information can be found about them at this link. Health Necklaces

You can see complete descriptive information and by samples at this link. Health Necklace Shop

And by the way, you should consider wearing one of these yourself. They are so effective that the ancients call them magical. Try their magic.


Amber Powder

Amber powder and its use has been the subject of a lot of research by Russian doctors. They have found it to be an extremely effective pure and preventative medical aid.

The information under this link is extremely informative and important both to your customers as well as yourself. Amber Powder

More information is here and you can buy samples at this link. Anti Aging, Pain Relieving Hair Restoring Amber Powder


Amber Massage Cream

Our customers have reported that they have had excellent results using Amber massage cream.

This is a very simple point of sale item that you should include in your shop. It sells very well.

Complete information and buy a sample here. Amber massage cream



Small, white, or butterscotch white, natural Baltic Amber pendants sell like candy as a point of sale item.

They are attractive to everyone.

Because they are made from individual pieces of white natural Baltic Amber, everyone is unique.

You can see some examples and get more information at this link. Natural Baltic Amber Pendants

You can find some samples at this link. Pendants



Prayer Beads

Amber prayer beads are attractive to all segments of the populations of the various countries.

So any business should be ready to satisfy the needs of everyone.

The term "any business" means any business. Even those who sell very expensive hand carved products should have some of every kind of prayer bead. Astute marketers know the importance of giving the customer a choice. Simply stated, limiting choice limits sales.


These are Baltic amber. They are an excellent product. And they have a huge market appeal. They are more affordable than any of the other forms of prayer beads. These outsell all other kinds of prayer beads because there are more customers who can afford them.



These are Baltic amber. They are made from two or three stones.

They come with or without a Jewelry And Gem Report. These reports are good for sales and good for your business.


Modified Amber

These are baltic amber. They are made from single nuggets or stones of amber.

They come with or without a Jewelry And Gem Report.


Natural Baltic Amber

These are Baltic Amber. The are made from single nuggets or stones of amber.

They come with a Certificate of Authenticity With Photo.

Note that they are all Baltic Amber. They are made from Natural Baltic Amber. None of them have glues, eeeee. They are pure, genuine, baltic amber.


Prayer Bead Inventory Recommendation

Add to your inventory several of the gemstone beads, two or three old Amber color reconstructed prayer beads, one or two modified Amber prayer beads, and one or two natural Baltic Amber prayer beads.

This will give you a good starting selection and will give your customers a choice. Based on your sales experience you can then increase inventory within each category as necessary.


If you need more information or have any specific requirements, send email via Contact Form stating your needs.