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Products For The Amber Health Market

How Amber is used in the Amber health market, traditional and modern uses of natural Baltic Amber for medicinal purposes.

This page contains references to specific products recommended for the Amber health market. Additionally at the bottom of the page our resource materials that you should study to fully understand the Amber health market.

Amber Powder

Amber powder has been used for centuries. Modern research has shown how it can be very beneficial to the human body.

You can use Amber powder in the powder form or combine it with oil's or creams.

This is a personal product and very important.

Read this amber powder




Amber Oil

Amber oil is liquid Amber. It is the distillate of Amber. It is the essence of Amber.

It is a highly prized possession. This is a product used by professional alternative medicine practitioners and masseuse.

Read about it here.

And buy a sample here.

Amber Massage Cream

Very simple, very effective, and very good for home use.

We have had very good response from people using this massage cream.

Information is here. Amber Massage Cream.

Look at it online here.


Amber Tinctures

Concoctions of Amber tinctures, made using homemade and ancient recipes, have been used throughout Europe for centuries. They are still used. They are inexpensive to make an favored by many people.

Throughout Eastern Europe you fine bottle of Amber chips sold to make Amber tinctures. You can see information here.

Consider doing the same.

You can also get the raw chips by the bag and save a lot of money. See Amber Chips


Amber Health Necklaces

Amber was considered magical by the ancients. They understood the health benefits of drinking raw Amber chips around their necks.

Today people put necklaces on their children to soothe pain.

Adults use the raw chip Amber necklaces. These are an essential item for anyone considering the Amber health business.

Read about health necklaces here.

And get a sample here.


And Don't Forget The Pets

Do read this information. Pet Collars.

And get one for a sample here.



Amber In Chinese Medicine

Medical Use Of Amber

Amber Therapy


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