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The Largest Selection Of Amber In Poland.


Products For The AsiaMarket

Baltic amber products that are popular in the Chinese market.


Bead Bracelets

Such bracelets come in many sizes and colors. Here is a complete selection from which you can choose.

We have two sections.

The first is our most popular becasue the products are ready for immediatel shipment.

The second is more detailed and shows products that can be special ordered.

Old Amber Color Bead Bracelets

Colored Bead Bracelets

Cherry Bead Bracelets

Certified Bead Bracelets

White Bead Bracelets

You may purchase single bracelets online at Bracelets.


Buddhist Prayer Beads

Available in hand cut Natural Baltic Amber, tumble polished Natural Baltic Amber and formed from Two + stones.

See the current inventory for sample purchases. Buddhist Prayer Beads



Natural Baltic Amber white and butterscotch white stones with a silver clasp.

Read complete information about Natural Baltic Amber Pendants.

See the current inventory for sample purchases. Natural Baltic Amber Pendants


Amber Powder

For centuries China has been a big user of amber for medical purposes.

Now amber powder and its use has been the subject of a lot of research by Russian doctors. They have found it to be an extremely effective pure and preventative medical aid.

The information under this link is extremely informative and important both to your customers as well as yourself. Amber Powder

More information is here and you can buy samples at this link. Anti Aging, Pain Relieving Hair Restoring Amber Powder



Raw Amber

We do not sell raw amber or amber stones. Because it is bad business to make referrals to sources, we do not make referrals.

Quality And Certificates

We deal ONLY in products made from Natural Baltic amber.

We DO NOT deal with bonded products, are anything that has colorants, additives, glues or is made from meals.

We comply with the standards of the International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland and classify all our amber in accordance with their classification standards. Read them here. Classification of Amber

You may purchase with two levels of certificates.

The first level is our standard certifcate that certifies that the product was made from Baltic Amber.

The second level is our standard certificate plus a Certificate Of Authenticity With Photo.

Read this information about why Certificate of Authenticity With Photo are good for your business. Click Here. Benefits Of A Certificate Of Authenticity With Photo


Pictures are available for pieces that we list in our online retail store. Click Here

If you are buying wholesale, you may see those items at:

Bead Bracelets

Buddhist Prayer Beads

Natural Baltic Amber Pendants


Those are the only pictures we provide. Simply because we produce to order. We do not maintain inventory except that which we sell in our retail store. So we have no pictures other than those mentioned above.

If you are ordering wholesale, we will produce what you want and ship it to you. We do not produce, and make pictures for your approval. If we do not send you quality, you will stop doing business with us. Since we want long term customers, we send quality. You don't need pictures.

And please do note, that PICTURES LIE! So it is a waste of your time to rely on them anyway. Read this. Pictures Lie.


If you need more information or have any specific requirements, send email via Contact Form stating your needs.