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Prestigious Jewelry Identification Report For Wholesalers

To help our wholesale buying customers improve their sales of amber products, we provide, free of charge, a prestigious jewelry identification report.

We normally charge €50 for this report if it is requested by a retail customer. But our wholesale customers get it free.

It is an attractive, hand done, individual report made for each specific piece of jewelry.

Each report is specific to one piece. It is not issued for batches of products. Each individual item is examined, recorded, documented and pictures taken.

The report includes the following information:

  • A color picture
  • Weight to the .01 g accuracy
  • Color
  • Transparency
  • Shape
  • Verification Of Authentiicy
  • Verifying signatures and official stamps and seals.

The report is issued for a piece of jewelry and not for a buyer. Therefore the report may follow the jewelry.

Replacement copies of any report may be ordered.

Buyers may verify the validity of any report by contacting us.

And you click on image you can see a larger view of one of the certificates that we are issued in the past.

We all know that amber fraud is a problem. A big problem. And we know that customers are very reluctant to make purchases because they are unsure as to whether they getting the real thing or not.

You can offer them something that others do not. And it is one of these reports.

Note that you can also have a report issued for each piece of amber with report will include complete IRS testing done by the international amber Association, Gdansk Poland.

This is an upgrade for which we must charge.

Why are on our jewelry identification reports better than it difficult certificate of authenticity.

Just look at the certificates of authenticity that are typically issued by many companies. They did not identify the particular piece of jewelry. They can be transported from piece of jewelry to piece of jewelry. They are bland, uninformative, and in many cases essentially meaningless.

What you can do is show your customer a certificate with the actual picture of the product, weight and other identifying information. When you tell a customer that this will be very useful to the customer should the customer decide to sell the piece.

The certificates often make the difference between making a sale and not making a sale.

Like we say, you get an individual jewelry identification report with each piece of amber that qualifies for this program.


If you need more information or have any specific requirements, send email via Contact Form stating your needs.