Pressed Amber Beads From Two Stones

About and wholesale prices for beads made by combining two amber stones under high pressure.

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Making Amber beads by pressing them in a a form that gives them the desired shape, is a widely used process that provides jeweler’s economical high quality beads.

The pressing process can utilize as few as two stones, which process produces the highest quality pressed beads.

Complete information about the different Amber pressing processes can be found at this link. Pressed Beads

The beads shown at the right above are pressed Amber beads. They are pressed from two stones. Notice the variety of textures and colors that can be obtained.

By using this pressing process, the Amberman or bead maker is able to fully utilize the raw Amber that he has chosen. There is very little waste in the process, and as such, the finished cost of the bead is relatively low.

As far as quality goes, it generally takes an expert to be able to distinguish one of these beads from a bead either cut from or pressed from a single stone.

Generally the way one distinguishes a bead cut from a single stone from a bead formed by pressing is to look at the surface patterns. Because the physical properties are the same, you cannot distinguish the beads even when subjecting them to IRS examination. See Identification of Amber imitations.

As a side note, if you see an Amber bead larger than 12 mm, it is likely to be a pressed bead. It will have even been pressed from a single stone or pressed from more than one stone. See this link for information about beads pressed from one stone.


Pictures Of Beads Formed From Two Or A Few Stones


two stone amber 10
Shown above is an award winning bracelet that is made with beads made by combining two pieces of amber under pressure.

Note that by pressing two pieces of amber together, one can achieve some beautiful patterns.

As one increases the number of stones to three and four, etc. the mottling effect is reduced. At its extreme, when grains or powders are used, the resulting product is dull.

But if one uses two to four stones, the beads can be nothing short of beautiful. They are physically indistinguishable from hand cut beads.

The colors that you see are achieved by exposing the amber to high oxygen content in an autoclave.


two stone amber 1two stone amber 2two stone amber 3
two stone amber 4two stone amber 5two stone amber 6
two stone amber 7two stone amber 8two stone amber 9
two stone amber 10two stone amber 11two stone amber 12
two stone amber 13two stone amber 14two stone amber 15



Beads Formed From Many Stones

These can be made either directly from powders and grains or from amber that has been recombined and then formed.

Those made from powders are dull.

Those made from recombined amber are beautiful and used extensively by jewelry makers that sell products in the tourist markets, hotels and gift shops. They are also used to make beautiful but inexpensive prayer beads – Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu and Roman Catholic.

We will say without qualification, that there are more prayer beads sold using beads like these than beads of the above. And that is because they are less expensive and more people can afford them.



pressed beadspressed beads flatprayer bead pressed


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