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The Largest Selection Of Amber In Poland.


Original Old Amber Products

Selected old amber products that are original and generally pre-WW-II.

Very little amber survived the ravages of World War II in Europe. One of the reasons is that amber burns very well. It did not survive the fires that covered the countries of Europe.

Today finding original old amber is very difficult. Interestingly enough, the highest concentration of old amber seems to be in the United Kingdom.

Some of the pieces here come from the United Kingdom. They are original, old, natural Baltic amber.

Do note, that much of the old amber that one finds on the market that is claimed to be original old amber, is actually product that was produced as trade amber and sent into Africa. You find a lot of this in antique shops. You can read about that in the book Guide To Amber Immitations.

The pieces here can be tested by the amber laboratory at the International Amber Association Gdansk Poland, if you so wish. They will issue a certificate of autheticiy with test results. This will be valuable for insurance purposes as well as resale.

This is just a small sampling to show you some of what is available.


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