Old Amber Color Beads

About natural amber, old amber color beads wholesale and products made with old amber color beads.

The golden tone of the old amber color bead makes it the most attractive bead of all the colors available.

Most of the beads of this color are new production. There is very little Baltic Amber old amber color beads in existence.

Amber in the German language is Bernstein. It is the burning stone. The fires of World War II burned most of the amber in Europe. Some old amber still exist in the UK but it is extremely rare to find and if you do find it, it isĀ  extremely expensive.

So when you see something old amber color, you can expect that it is new production.

The coloring is made by exposing the amber to high oxygen content and light. This is nothing more than the acceleration of the natural process that color is amber when it is exposed to sunlight and the atmosphere for many years.

The old amber color beads are generally made in one of two ways.

They are made from beads cut from single nuggets of amber. Pieces that will color properly are selected and put into an autoclave and the high oxygen and light content. In a couple weeks they turned the old amber color.

Beads made this way are extremely expensive. Though many people ask for them, they do not buy them because of the extraordinarily high prices that manufacturers must charge because of the costs involved in this manufacturing process.

The second way old amber color beads are made is to use reconstructed amber beads and to put them into an autoclave and process them the same way the cut beads are processed.

These beads are still expensive but nowhere near as expensive as the cut beads

Generally, old amber color cut beads are affordable in sizes 8mm and under. And you generally find them in Buddhist prayer beads such as those that you see here. Buddhist Prayer Beads

The larger bead sizes, meaning 14 mm and up, are generally made from Reconstructed Amber and are extremely popular. You can see some examples below.

Please note that we offer pure Baltic Amber. Every piece of amber is different. That means that every bead will have a different layer pattern and the color will develop differently with different shades and color patterns.

So view these as examples only of what old amber color beads can look like.


old amber color bead image 1old amber color bead image 2old amber color bead image 3
old amber color bead image 4old amber color bead image 5old amber color bead image 6
old amber color bead image 9old amber color bead image 10old amber color bead image 11

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