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Published By The International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland, this book is an authorative discussion of Baltic Amber.
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Big Bead Bracelets

The best Genuine Amber Bead Bracelets That Poland Has To Offer.

Old Amber Beads

About old amber beads and how they are made.

The old Amber color develops through the natural process of oxidation of the Amber surface. With time, all Amber develops an orange color on the surface. That is unless it is cleaned or constantly rubbed which processes remove the oxidized surface coating.

The process is accelerated when Amber is left in sunlight such as displaying Amber in the window of a store. It will start to color faster than it would were it out of the sunlight.

The coloring of the surface is nonuniform. Naturally aged Amber that shows the old Amber color will show that color in varying shades and will not be uniform across the surface and in the holes where strings pass-through beads.

Amber aging and the development of the old Amber color can be accelerated by exposing the Amber to a high oxygen content and moderate heat in an autoclave.

When you see loose Amber beads with the old Amber color, it is highly likely that they been aged artificially in an autoclave.

When you see a piece of Amber jewelry that is the old Amber color it is either an antique or something that has been artificially aged.

There are virtually no naturally aged old Amber beads available on the market. When beads are made, they are sold. They are not put on the shelf in a window under sunlight to develop the old Amber color.

Because of the time involved in natural aging and the aging process itself, you can expect:

That there are no newly produced old Amber colored jewelry that was made with naturally aged Amber beads.

That any Amber bead in the old Amber color that is uniform in color, is probably artificially aged.

Any piece of Amber jewelry that has been naturally aged, is an antique and commands an extremely high premium. As one Amber professional put it, "Anyone selling old Amber colored jewelry, at a "competitive price", as a natural product, is either a fool or a fraud. And the buyer is no better."

Some old Amber colored jewelry is made from autoclave Amber that was natural Baltic Amber. But once it is exposed to heat, it is properly classified as modified Amber.

Round Old Amber Color Beads

old amber bead ring old amber bead ring old amber bead ring
old amber bead ring old amber bead ring old amber bead ring

They are available in bead sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 36 mm.

Barrel Shaped Old Amber Color Beads

old amber barrel beads  old amber barrel beads

Most old Amber color jewelry is made from reconstructed Amber.


If you need more information or have any specific requirements, send email via Contact Form stating your needs.

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